Saturday, February 21, 2009

Less Than Psyched

Went for a run yesterday and it started out fine. It was really nice out, sunny, almost warm, and Dad and I were having a great time. Until my legs started cramping again.

I'm in serious trouble.

It was the same as last week, limping back into Stockton, stopping because I was crying and I couldn't breathe, barely being able to get into the truck. My legs are swelled up a little and I could barely navigate the house all last night. Overtraining doesn't make sense, since I took it so easy all week. And overtraining shouldn't make specific muscles start cramping so badly without any warning.

The highlight of the day was making awesome French Toast, trying scrambled eggs for the first time, and making veg sausages for dinner before watching more Frasier with Robbie.

Dad and I are really worried though- if my legs don't stop cramping soon, we're not sure about what to do about the marathon. I 100% hate to back out of it, but if my legs cramp, there's no way I would finish it. We still haven't reserved hotel rooms yet, so now we're in limbo over if we should or not.

I'm just scared.

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