Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Almost Blew Away!

Seriously, this wind is insane. I actually got run off the road a few times by gusts of wind, blew backwards on a downhill, and struggled harder than I did going up the steep hill on Chimney Rock Road just trying to pedal on a flat surface. It's crazy out!

Had to traverse two campuses today, so I've been outside riding for about an hour- longer, since the wind was so brutal. I stayed inside on the trainer for an hour and a half this morning, doing some informal interval style riding while listening to Andrew WK and watching Frasier. Dad couldn't make it to the gym this morning, so I was stuck going alone to lift. It kind of sucked, since my left shoulder still can barely move, and plus, it's starting to scab and hurt whenever I shift around. I also still can't swim, though by Monday I should be able to. My knee is bugging me a bit more than usual, and I think it has something to do with the crash, so I'm hoping that clears up too.

Also, since it happened, I've just been totally exhausted a lot of the time, which I'm attributing to needing more sleep to heal faster. I've been hungry lately too- unfortunately, it's usually hungry for crappy food, like the 11 pm Snickers run the other night, but honestly, the extra calories are what I really need anyway. Why can't I crave a protein shake instead though?!

I'm definitely relieved that this week is almost over- this weekend will be busy as usual, but I'm really starting to look forward to Sunday rides, painful and exhausting as they are. And even Saturday long runs are kind of fun- it's cool to be seeing progress. Hopefully my stomach will agree with me this week though!

Starting to get very ready to move into our new place in June, and more ready to get the hell out of New Brunswick in 4 years and into a "real life" and house. Thinking about somewhere near a river, like Frenchtown or Stockton, or just on the other side of the river in PA. I just want to have my life figured out! Sometimes it's hard to remember that I want a life, not just an athletic "career" these days. Things like buying expensive gear when I should be saving money, or not wanting to work so many hours so I can train are hard to kind of align with the idea of being debt free and having money ot put a down payment on a house in 4 years. Ah, the perils of being a Big Kid all of a sudden.

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