Sunday, January 25, 2009

Best Day(s) Ever!

Yesterday went really surprisingly well. It was beautiful out in the morning and I had to drive around on a few errands, so I had the window partway down, listening to Springsteen, singing along. Fantastic! I looked dorky as hell but it put me in a great mood for the rest of the day.

Then Dad and I went out to Frenchtown to try for another run, hoping this time it would go a little bit better than last week. The goal was an hour and a half, but I figured I'd be lucky with an hour. I don't know if it was the warmer weather, the super-light running week I've had, the leg weight set on Wednesday or just plain luck, because I made it the whole hour and a half at my old speed. My legs were a little achey at the end, but a walk around town with dad did wonders stretching them out and getting the kinks out. I even had energy enough to do a 30 minute weight set afterwards. So I'm very happy.

Robbie and I made mustard at night, honey mustard and super spicy varieties, and they turned out just ok. Good on pretzels and good for the sinuses. They just didn't thicken like they were supposed to, so we tried adding corn starch and really overdid it. Oops!

The only down side of the day? I realized I really need new sneakers- that's a big part of my leg problems lately, I think. Maybe in 2 weeks I'll head to SBR to get Blake to help me come up with a pair or two. And speaking of Blake...

Today I got my booties and leg warmers! According to Blake, not only are they "really good shit," they are the "Prada of bike gear." And damn, they worked!

We went on a ride from the GW Bridge to Piermont in NY, so a slightly over 30 mile ride. Piermont is maybe the cutest place on earth! The houses are all so freaking cool and the town is so bike friendly I was completely shocked! Best blueberry muffins too.

The ride home was super hilly in parts but we actually had a better ride there than we did on the way to Piermont. It was just so nice getting to hang out with Blake and get a really decent ride in at the same time. I'm just hoping we can keep it up and keep going on rides. He also promised to help me fit my bike, which I desperately need.

He and dad are trying to convince me to get a tri bike and I admit, it's really tempting. But then again, so is being able to pay rent.

Bike team meeting time!

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