Monday, January 12, 2009

My Best Race Picture

I know that it's from way back in September, but I feel like it really defines my personality perfectly... this was from the Skylands Sprint Triathlon right in my hometown, and the girl behind me is in my age group- I got third place thanks to a 100 yard sprint at the end that made me 3 seconds ahead of her. The funniest part about it (aside from my face, of course) is that for the entire race, my legs were cramping so freaking badly I was actually thinking about dropping out. Ten, the last hundred yards came up, and I figured, "I might as well sprint, worst thing that happens is I crawl to the finish, but I'll make it."
After I crossed the finish line, my legs gave up the ghost (my new favorite expression) and I could barely walk to get my trophy/beer mug. It's a godawful picture of me, I know, but it's just such a perfect depiction of how finishing a triathlon feels. Painful, but amazing.
And that's why it's my favorite race picture.

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