Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away

So somehow my plans of going biking with the Cycling Club president and running with my internship director have gone totally awry, thanks to this stupid rain. And the gym doesn't even open until 11! So I'm planning on breakfast, some Iron Yoga, some writing, then meeting a professor for lunch, then going to the gym and the Library of Science and Medicine to check out new medical sports journals.

Speaking of Iron Yoga, it's my new favorite thing since Mom got it for me for Christmas. I can finally do weights and yoga, which is great, since I always found regular yoga kind of painfully boring. I've taken a lot of classes at Rutgers for yoga, pilates, fitness yoga, you name it, and they all fell kind of flat, except for one, but that instructor never teaches when I'm free anymore! Besides, the video makes it easier to pick when I feel like doing it weekly instead of being stuck to a schedule. Sort of like all of the online or independent study courses I'm doing this semester-- triathlon is just that important, I guess. Anyway, Iron Yoga is awesome, and it's only $15, so I would recommend it to anyone, especialy anyone caught in a yoga rut or hates stretching (also my problem).

My Tiny Goals for 2009:
1. Stretch more
2. More protein in my diet- as a vegetarian, that's never easy
3. Cook more! Robbie and I are already planning this semester's dinners.
4. Less junk food, aspecially at night. I'm making healthy cookies to keep on hand, that should help.

Robbie and I finally found a place to live next year, by the way! It's a really cute attic apartment just down the block from where we are now. I think we're signing the lease on Monday, and I'm really happy about it- I didn't want to deal with ahving to apply to apartment buildings and all that jazz, and $925 a month isn't too bad in New Brunswick- it's even got a second bedroom/living room area that's perfect for a study room and for a place for his brother to crash whenever. The only problem is that it really is like an attic, so the walls slant in a lot, but it's really not that big of a deal. Then again, I'm only 5'4" and Robbie's 6'. But hopefully he likes it when we go back on Monday, so we can give the guy (Tony- perfect landlord name) the deposit. And the upside with the attic apartment? The stair workout, of course!!

Our bedroom will be so freaking cute too- and it has a huge closet, so I'll have room to store my always growing supply of workout gear. And a working washer and dryer in the basement! The kitchen is great too, though there's a lack of cabinet space. But what I love is that clearly the guy living there now was able to paint on the walls, so I can too! Also, he had a kitten. Which Robbie and I agree is a must.

Anyway, yesterday I had work and an all day staff meeting. I bike to the train station and back but it's about a 15 min round trip. After going to check out the apartment after work, I just wanted to relax for the night but I decided to drag my lazy behind to the gym for a bit.

45 min swim (about 2300 meters)
15 min free weights/crunches
30 elliptical (with arms)

I didn't want to run on the treadmill in fear of hurting my knee for my run today, but since that run isn't happening I'll probably hit the treadmill later today. I have to start counting laps in the pool, but it's just so boring to do! I like being able to just think when I'm swimming, and I can swim pretty fast like that. Hence, master swim ASAP.

Other great news- Triathlete decided to put my article in the magazine! So I'm really happy about that, and my Dad is ecstatic.

Sunday I'm biking with Blake, who finally gave me advice on which half Ironman to do, so I think I'm signing up for the Revolution3 one in Middlebury, Connecticutt. It should be a really good race, and it's at just the right time- June 7, so between the Marathon and the Olympic Tri, which works out really well in terms of my training.

Next week is going to be a nutty last week of vacation, with bikig with Blake, the cycling team guy, running with my marathon friend and my professor, etc. I'm not normally a group sport type person, so this kind of throws me off. We'll see...

Next stop, soy hot chocolate and orange juice- the house in New Brunswick is pretty bereft of food since Robbie and I have been staying with our parents over winter break, and I don't feel like going out in this rain, except to the gym later.

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