Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rainy days are here again.

Seriously, this crappy weather is killing my motivation and my joints! Yesterday I woke up to find an inbox full of canceled plans, including a run and bike ride because of pouring rain. So I did Iron Yoga and hit the gym for my first run since my knee went out on Saturday. It went all right, managed a solid 7.2 mph, not too fast, for 30 min, with the last min racheting up to 10 mph, which my knee survived.

Then I hit weights and the elliptical for a bit as a cooldown for my legs, and then went for a 30 min moderate pace swim. By the time I got home, I was starving since all I ahd for breakfast was homemade hot chocolate and a Balance protein bar leftover from the swag at the Bosco's Buddies race in November. My poor pantry is bare in New Brunswick! 3 hours of workout on under 350 cal doesn't cut it, so I had to drive pretty darn fast to Robbie's to raid his pantry for a peanut butter and honey on wheat sandwich. If it wasn't for my depressing Mountain Dew addiction, I'd be a healthy eater!

Anyway, then we had to go out for Robbie's friend's birthday, which was awkward but kind of fun. I don't hang out wiht a lot of people often, so it was interesting.

Then today I woke up and felt achy so I stayed in bed til 8:45! Break makes me lazy... I finally got up, ate a little cereal and did the stepper, rowed for 30 min, did some weights, and biked for 45 min on the trainer, ate a pb&j for lunch and did another 45 min. It wasn't an amazing workout day, but solid overall. My endurance is improving thanks to this break- last week I did 2 straight hours on the bike and hopped off feeling great- it's nice to be able to go until I'm exhausted, go for long blocks of time, and to sweat a ton and not worry about not being able to shower before class! I'm glad my spring schedule is less demanding in terms of going to classes. It'll be more work, but it's more stuff I can do from home, so I can be as gross and sweaty as I want.

I got to hang out with an old friend from high school today, and I forgot just how much I missed that whole group of people- we had such a tight knit circle in high school but we've all lost touch. He lives in Boulder, CO now, which is great if I ever decide to take a trip out there for some serious training. We watched Wayne's World, quoted every line, and caught up and got nostalgic. It was a lot of fun, and I was surprised at how little we've both changed in some ways. I really want Robbie to meet him, they'd get along great.

Here we all are at my Sweet Sixteen- my parents and friend threw me a surprise party at a roller rink!

Anyway, it's weird to realize how this was only a few years ago but it feels like so much longer. My life and priorities have changed so much- I used to be this little anarchist punk bookworm, and now I'm a triathlete bookworm. I guess things change to a point. My friend thought it was hilarious that th gym people I hang out with now in the weight room are the people that I hated and who hated me in high school... my how times have changed!

Well, off to attempt 8 hours of sleep- long run tomorrow, plus bike ride errands and hopefully some Iron Yoga. And at night, the Group (see above) may be going to dinner... The problem with winter break is that it's so hard to eat right when I'm constantly out with people! I can't wait to get back on a regular schedule, my stomach will thank me. Also, tomorrow, I'm writing a training plan for Spring, I think...

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