Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Molly's First Day of School

Phew. Even though today was pretty relaxed since I have no homework or tutoring jobs yet, I'm still pretty beat. My legs are stiff going up and down the stairs, but it's in a good way.

This morning Chris and I rode up in his attic on the cycling team trainers for an hour at 8 am. It was a lot of fun, since we actually got to talk about a lot of stuff while we were riding- like how to handle relationships and training and finding a balance! We're both very lucky people in that we have significant others who understand our training.

Then, class up on Cook, so we had a 15 minute freezing cold bike ride. Class seems pretty interesting, so that's a plus. The ride home was brutal though- I was freezing! We warmed up with veg chili and corn muffins, which was great.

I'm meeting Mark from the bike team tomorrow at the gym to talk about helping with the Cycling team blog, which is going to be really cool. Tomorrow I'm lifting with him at 4, the bike team at 9, and in between I'm doing a whole bunch of cardio. I just want to get in a really solid couple of weeks and build up a really strong base before I have homework and more work.

Headed over to Busch to swim for an hour thinking I'd be lucky to get through it... once I hit the water though, I was on fire! I managed to swim probably 3200-3300 yards and really pushed it at the end. The new stroke techniques I was working on seem to be helping a lot. There were a lot of people in the pool swimming pretty fast, and I was swimming faster than them most of the time!

I just need Blake to get me booties and legwarmers, and fast! It's too damn cold. And I need to bring my old sneakers here so I'm not destroying my good ones biking through the slush. Ugh.

PB&J for dinner, icing and compressing my knee, hoping it feels better. I feel so weird about getting this semester rolling...

PS: "Shake It" by MetroStation is the best workout song ever!


Maijaleena said...

I love "Shake It"! It was on my race mix for my last couple races this year.

Molly said...

It really is the most peppy song- especially the part in the very beginning where it goes "let's drop!" ... makes me thing about dropping into aerobars at the beginning of a race!