Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dad Says Sore, I Say Not Sore Enough!

Dad and I went to the Rtgers gym for the first time in the New Year yesterday. I had gotten him gym passes for Christmas, so I was determined to get him there to use them. He met me at my house and we biked over to the other campus and hit the pool first.

I started out with a 10 minute straight warm up, going briskly. Dad started with 2 laps, floundering just a teensy bit- in his defense, it's been close to 20 years since he swam seriously. I'm determined to get him in sprint distance shape by the summer though- it'll be really good for him to drop some weight and get healthier. We've been using our matching stationary trainers that we got each other for Christmas almost daily, so I'm proud of him for that.

After the warmup, I did a few 100 m sprint sets (the best being 1:25, a number I'd like to lower quite a bit) and a couple 50 m sprints. Dad paddled around and I did some more moderate paced laps so we were in the pool for a total of an hour.

After that, we hit the gym for a weight set- dad was using the leg press set at 350 lbs and when he got off, I innocently said,"let me try, it looks like you're doing a lot," and got on and proceeded to knock of 20 reps, with dad's jaw dropping. Not bad for a girl who avoids leg presses (my leg muscles are bulky enough for riding in the highest gear all the time), especially one who just had her knee hurt for a couple of days.

Weight set finished, we took a protein bar break and then did another small weight circuit and a 30 min cool down on the elliptical- though dad only went 15.

It was a great way to spend a day with dad, and a really good workout to kick off 2009. I really want to do Master Swim though, since I think that's the only way I can make any real improvements.

I'm pissed- winter storm advisory tonight, so my bike and run plans tomorrow may get fouled up. Fingers crossed that they won't!

Looking at an apartment tonight, and I'm praying that it is at least semi-decent... Robbie and I desperately need a place to live in June, and this one sounds great, so hopefully it'll be ok.

And in other amazing news, Triathlete Magazine is putting an article I wrote on IBS and Triathletes on their website! I was so freakin excited to have gotten an email from Brad Culp saying that they wanted to run it- I was grinning ear to ear all night last night.

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