Thursday, January 29, 2009

Swimming with Dad

Whenever I swim, I start really thinking about training. Especially on days like today.

I woke up this morning and decided it was waaay too icey and slushy to go out on a ride, so I spent an hour and a half on my trainer in the basement, rocking my new bibs.

Afterwards, Robbie and I went to Au Bon Pain so I could get a whole wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese and a soda to re-energize. It was comedic gold, as we both spent the walk sliding and tripping on the ice.

Dad showed up at 11 so we could go to the gym together, and since I skipped weights last night (I was tired and sore), I was pretty psyched about Dad coming to New Brunswick, since he's more into weights than I am. We ended up spending 45 minutes doing weight sets, where I did the entire routine that Mark, Pat and I did last week, and then some other ab and arm stuff. My legs were so damn sore, but they felt really strong. Just a few sessions and already I see a huge improvement in the muscle definition in my legs, which is a definite plus.

Had some "weight issues" yesterday and bullied Robbie about them- it's just hard for me to figure out nutrition right now, since I'm spending more time training, so I can't tell if I'm losing or gaining weight. Yeesh.

Anyway, after that, we hit the pool and my shoulders were killing me for the first few minutes, but after a few laps, they were fine. I was still tired, but not too bad. That's what got me thinking about training.

Don had asked how I can stand to train for triathlon, since it's a very individual sport, especially swimming. I was surprised at that assessment, since I really don't see that. In the pool, I feel a certain comraderie with swimmers next to me. Don says there are no games to play in the pool like there are on the bike, but I would argue that. I love playing games, racing certain laps with fast people lanes away from me, and feeling a very secret victory if I beat them. Dad started a new pattern today, trying to swim more. I'd swim 2 laps (50m) and then he'd join me on the third, making it sort of a race. It just inspired me to speed up just a little bit, and I ended a pretty solid 45 minute swim with a few laps of just all out sprinting.

I hate starting to train, I hate the first few minutes, but I love the feeling when I drag myself out of the pool.

I hate the sore muscles, but I love how Robbie is willing to give my legs rubdowns the nights that they're really sore. I love mineral ice at work, even though the smell drives everyone nuts.

I don't even mind waking up feeling sore anymore, though I mind waking up in a very cold room.

I like layering up for a ride outside. I like bragging that before my housemates are up, I've already ridden for an hour and a half with the team.

I love that my Dad is clearly very proud of me. And that he thinks buying a tri bike is an investment. He really is my hero, lame as it sounds. I'm proud of him for all teh gym work he's been doing with me, and all the support he gives me.

I love the sports, I love the training, and I love the people surrounding it. I love that Robbie isn't into the athletic stuff like I am, so I have some escape from it and it doesn't run my life completely. I love that I have friends on the team now that I can ride with and spend hours talking about training with, people as dedicated as I am.

I love when a song comes on and I just want to run or ride. "Eye of the Tiger" makes me want to sprint, "Shake It" by Metrostation makes me want to race my bike as fast as I can.

I'm getting pretty psyched about race season being only a month away. I have to work on:
1. technical stuff like cornering and riding with a pack
2. endurance (riding 50+ miles at a time on Sundays)
3. getting my run time back
4. more yoga for flexibility

I think I'm going to do pretty well if I can get the hang of bike racing, not biking during a triathlon. It really is an entirely different thing, learning to draft.

It's been a strange two weeks, getting the hang of being on a team, new classes, new schedule, and finding time to have a normal life. I'm tired by the time I get home every night, and I think I need to start eating even more, but I'm having the time of my life.

Off to Public Health, where we DO learn about plagues and nifty stuff.

Rest and pizza day tomorrow, and I admit, I'm glad it's here, even though I'm already planning a 70 mile route coinciding with the team for Sunday, and trying to find this bathing suit that I really want from Splish tomorrow after work.

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