Friday, January 23, 2009

Sore Muscles I Forgot I Had

I'm really happy with how much progress I've made with biking in such a short time. I can see a lot of improvements even in how I ride when I'm just using my mountain bike to get between campuses. And to work in the morning! It wasn't that it used to be hard, but now I'm less out of breath, my legs aren't protesting, and I'm not sweating as much.

Last night when we were biking home from our public health class, we just started sprinting up this one hill and then the last half mile to the house. It was actually fun! Normally by 8:30, riding home is sort of a nightmare, but it just felt great.

I've been all over the map emotionally lately, and I think poor Robbie is bearing the brunt of it. One minute I'm upset, then I'm being a bully, then back to upset, then over it like nothing happened. I think it's a combination of changing my training and getting more intense, starting classes, moving back to New Brunswick after being home most of winter break, getting less sleep because of classes and not being used to sleeping in N.B, and of course, PMS. So I feel sort of like a jerk. Luckily, my moods have been short-lived, and most of the time, I've been pretty upbeat, I think.

Had some of my trailmix cookies last night, since we finished off the fat free brownies mom made us. Also, getting used to drinking skim milk instead of soy milk is rough, but it's just so much cheaper. I would prefer to drink soy, but right now we're trying really hard to save money. Which is tough, considering all of my training/racing expenses that are looming.

I'm just glad it's the weekend, though I'm nervous about how running tomorrow will go. I'm hoping I can make it for at least an hour without my knee bugging me. It's been ok for the past 2 days, and the only time it bugged me all week was when I was running. Runners World just had a blurb about how women with knee problems may have hip problems causing the knee pain, which is what the PT at the conference the other week told me. I just hope that Dr. Cohen can help me, because I don't want to quit running altogether, but if it doesn't start getting better soon, I don't know how I'll be ready for the marathon by March. I don't mean to sound defeatist, but I'm not willing to sacrifice my bike season by risking injury running on a hurt knee. I'd rather have a great bike season and no marathon than a subpar bike season and a subpar painful marathon. Fingers crossed it isn't anything serious. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't run- I hate it but I love it so much.

I can't imagine going a week without running even a bit. Training is a huge part of who I am now, and it would kill me if I had to stop it because of something I can't control.

Enough depressing stuff. It's Friday, it's the weekend, and it's pizza night!

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