Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sore but Psyched

So today was a mildly productive day. Took mom to breakfast, went to the thrift store and got a cartoon VHS of Barbie and the Rockers and a Mary Kate and Ashley movie for a dollar, paid a library fine and got out more books (new Mariah Stewart, hooray) including a couple for some of my classes and had a lovely talk about Native American lit with the librarian. Then I went to Verizon expecting a fight over replacing my Razor phone, which has just decided to suck lately. Luckily, they were nice and are sending me a new one, though not with a new battery. I hope it's just the phone that's the issue- I'd hate to waste more time dealing with this stupid thing.

Then Dad and I drove to Stockton and ran (well, he biked next to me) for a solid hour and a half. My knee seems ok, but after an hour or so I just started having a ton of joint and muscle pain. It eased up once I got home and had some food and a hot shower, but it really hurt! I think I need to work harder on drinking during those long runs- dehydration is a bitch... I just don't think of it until it's too late.

Also, in Stockton after the run, we stopped at the liquor store so Dad could get beer and I fell in love with this beer bottle shaped like a Buddha and called Lucky Beer. Didn't get it, but maybe next time. I'm not a big drinker, and by that I mean in the past year, I've had 2 drinks. I'm just not into it.

Anyway, got home and went out to the drugstore to get Udder Cream for tomorrows 70 or so mile bike ride, part of which will be by myself, the other part will be with the bike team and the last part will be with Dad. I'm excited about it!

Stopped at Walmart and got glucosamine, which should help my joints out a bit. I think the cold weather is getting to them- ever since I got hit by a car 4 years ago, cold weather hurts my left hip. Also more Pure Protein bars- 190 calories with 20 grams of protein! Great deal.

Robbie came over for Chinese food and Frasier Season One- we're boring, but very happy about it. Anyway, gotta get sleep for my ride tomorrow!

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