Monday, January 12, 2009

Knee Issues Aside, Cookies!

Took Sunday pretty slowly, since I wanted to give my knee as much time as possible to heal, so I just did the stepper for an hour and some bosu ball and free weight stuff for another half an hour. Dad used the rower while I stepped, and did really well!

I spent the day reorganizing my huge binder of articles torn out of my old Triathlete Magazines, Bicycling magazines, Runner's World, and Oxygen. Now I just need to figure out my training plan for this semester- which starts next Tuesday, yikes!

I also got new protein bars to try (only 190 cal with 20 grams of protein!) and some new Icy Hot Gel. And cookie ingredients! I've had this recipe for Appalachian Trail Cookies from Bicycling that I really wanted to try, so mom and I made a double batch. They're amazing- coconut oatmeal with M&Ms, nuts and raisins... They're mildly healthy, and they'll be a good substitute for the huge bakery cookies that Robbie and I have been wasting money on lately- I even bagged them in single servings to I won't be as tempted to overeat- I have such a bad sweet tooth!

I set up mom's new printer (with built in scanner and photo printer) and got my laptop hooked to it too, so I can actually scan and print right off my computer again! Hooray! To pay me back for doing that, mom went to get me a plain bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts, and returned with a multi-grain bagel with low-fat cream cheese. I asked, "why did you get this?" and she says, "well, it had a picture of a runner next to it."
It was actually really good... I'm going to steal her Dunkin Donuts gift cards she got for Christmas from her students, since she isn't overly fond of Dunkin Donuts and I'm trying like hell to save money because...

I probably need to buy a wetsuit for the half-Ironman. I'm very unhappy about this. I hate wetsuits, and I alreayd own one for surfing, but it isn't good to swim in, so I have to shell out money for a second suit! At least I can use it and start open water swimming more, I guess. I just hate that I have to spend so much money when I have rent and tuition to be thinking about... it's tough being a college student and serious triathlete- I see why more college kids don't do it, honestly. But I'm trying to tutor more and work as much as I can to save up for next year, though unless I get a full time job, I'll be taking out loans for tuition, which I'm not thrilled about. It's such a bad time to be hitting the job market, I know... It's scary, since I don't have a heck of a lot of choice. I just hope the economy gets a bit better. Anyway, on to happier things...

And this is my new favorite thing: Icy Hot GEL! It has this neat foam applicator thing on the tube so you don't get mineral ice all over your hands, and the smell actually does vanish after a minute or two, which is great since I was getting really really sick of having to smell it all the time, and force everyone (especially at the office) to have to smell it too. And it actually works! Maybe not as well as the regular kind, but well enough that it's worth it.

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