Sunday, January 4, 2009

Good and Bad Start

So yesterday I went on a 1.5 hr run with my dad biking next to me on the trail by the Delaware River, starting in Frenchtown. In the past couple of weeks, I've been doing longer runs (16 miles) and hill runs, and with time off from school, I've had a lot of time to really focus on biking and running. It's been nice having the time to train and the time to recover, even if the holiday season meant me eating a lot more than normal. (Including wayyyy too many desserts!)
So the run got off to a great start- I hit the point that I hit on the last run after 50 minutes in only 45, and then made it back in only 42, a pretty solid negative split. That means an over ten minute decrease in my time! That felt awesome, and dad and I were high-fiving when I turned to walk back to the car and BAM my knee slightly twisted and I could barely walk. By the time I got home, I couldn't put weight on it and a huge bruise had started showing up.
So I had to spend today, a perfect biking day that I was planning on using for a 60 mile ride, on the couch going with the Rest Ice Compression Elevation theory. It's feeling better already, so hopefully the gym with dad tomorrow will be okay.

Busy week ahead- tomorrow dad and I are swimming and hitting weights and biking, plus I have to talk to my old principal of my high school about some career stuff, drop by the journalism department, and make it to the farmer's market to get some food for Robbie and I for dinner. Then Tuesday I have work and gym and going to Sport's Authority for some Gu gels. Wednesday I'm psyched- the Rutgers Cycling Club president and I are riding together to talk about where I can fit in on the team- I want to start racing this Spring, so it's a pretty important meeting. The head of the undergrad English department is taking me to lunch, so I'll be chatting about grad school with her. After that, train and bike to Princeton to run with the reporter I'm interning for this Spring. And call my marathon buddy for a run, and my Ironman buddy for a bike/run... Busy busy busy!

I need to figure out Master Swim stuff, Cycling Club stuff, school stuff, and training schedules for Spring. I'm pulling out all of the stops this Spring to get in prime competing shape- need to cut body fat and really polish my techniques by training with groups.

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