Monday, January 19, 2009

Small Pizzas are Lame. (So is snow.)

This morning, mom, dad and I went to breakfast at this riverside cafe in Clinton, and dad and I got cornmeal pancakes- yum! I just can't get enough of cornmeal products lately!

So we're finally back in New Brunswick and unpacked and settled in. It snowed like crazy from noon til 6 today, which sucks in terms of driving here. I'm also bummed because the first official cycling ride I'd be on tomorrow got canceled, and I'm just hoping that someone has an extra trainer I can use for the indoor cycling team practice at 8 am. Otherwise, it's off to the gym. What a crappy way to start the semester!

Also, we got a Red Baron pizza for dinner and it was waaay smaller than the box suggested. Lame! So I'm still hungry, but luckily, mom made us fat free brownies!

I went to GNC today and got Accelerade to start drinking on rides. Fingers crossed that it won't hurt my stomach. If I do like it, I'll get the GNC card thing for the discount.

Blake is getting me booties and legwarmers! Hopefully we'll get to use them next Sunday, if work and weather freaking agree with us for once!

I just put up some really old pictures for my friend Rob on my facebook:
I'm on the far right... this was during my Irish dancing days at a competition (no, the hair isn't real.)

My dog, my aunt and uncle's dog, and if you look real close, you can see me surfing in the bottom one!

This is Rob, my high school friend, (not to be confused with Robbie, my boyfriend) wearing a stylish outfit that I made him!

Anyway, off to enjoy brownies and spend some time with Robbie and get a good night's sleep- first bike practice and first day of my spring training schedule and first day of our classes. It should be fun- Native American Lit in English, and Robbie and I are in it together!

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