Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Wow. This was the coldest morning ever. I went cycling with two guys from the Rutgers Cycling team, Chris and Rich, and it went really well. Well, at least for the first hour. Then we stopped so Chris could pee, and I got off my bike and sort of passed out. Between the cold (about 15F with wind chill) and the lack of good underarmour or booties and the fact that I had only had hot chocolate for breakfast and hadn't drank at all, it was a bad combination. God. I got off the bike and all of a sudden I felt nauseous and everything went weird colors and started fading out. I was sitting down and I just couldn't talk or communicate or anything- even my brain felt slowed down. It was scary as hell, since we were sorta in the middle of nowhere. Chris lent me his jacket and booties, but he had to put them on me, I could barely move. Luckily, he also had a protein/carb drink, so he made me dirnk some and some water too. Once I got up, everything was weird and I couldn't see right- everything was really bright- but once I started walking a bit, it started to clear up, so I could get on the bike and finish the ride, which went about 1:45 by the time we finished. We warmed up at my house and talked about the team- they want me riding with them and think I should race and stuff, which is really cool. So I'm doing it.

Also, I felt really strong, other than being really freaking cold, and while it was their base and a pretty laid back ride, at no point did my legs hurt or did I feel really beat. So that's really good, I didn't know how I'd stack up against them. They ride at 8am everyday during the semester, and Rich and Chris said I could use their trainers in their attic with them as well. I'm excited!

Of course, now I have to add booties and underarmour to the list- hopefully this late in the year, it won't be too expensive, since a lot of stuff goes on sale.

So, joining Rutgers Cycling is taken care of.

Yesterday wasn't so great- to get to work, I have a lot of staircases to deal with, and they just bugged ht ehell out of my knee, so I ended up taking an extra rest day. Since I did an hour and a half of workout on Sunday instead of resting, I didn't mind so much, but still. Annoying. I was only plannign on being at the gym for an hour though, so it's no great loss.

Robbie and I signed a lease for the attic apartment yesterday, which was really cool. (Good thing I keep this blog- I had to go over to the landlord's liquor store to sign papers by noon and I almost totally forgot about it. Yikes!)

Now I'm going to a job interview to be a movie screener for film classes a couple nights a week- since Robbie works a lot of nights, I figure it's a smart idea to earn some extra cash. And my schedule is so independent study oriented anyway, it works out perfectly, since I could work during the screening. At any rate, I could use extra income and it'd be nice to not have to tutor quite as much...

All right. Heading out to the gym and then Princeton to run with my intern director type. Godwilling, it's a short easy run, because I'm beat!

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