Friday, January 16, 2009

I Need Routine!

So it's been an uneventful but busy couple of days... Now, I'm just at the office and freezing because it's ten degrees outside and our heat is off. So typing is taking a really long time, since I can't really feel my fingers.

I got ditched by my friend for running on Wednesday, since his eyes had just been dilated, and he couldn't run like that, so that was just 30 min of weight and 2 hrs of easy-moderate spinning on my trainer watching Frasier episodes. I also visited my old English teacher turned principal, who, while gossiping, used the phrase, "if it sounds like a duck, looks like a duck, smells like a duck... I think they're definitely ducking." (if you catch her drift.)
It was great- she hadn't seen me in a couple years, and she was shocked by how athletic and in shape I've gotten. "Molly, your shoulders!"

Yesterday, Dad and I went to the gym, where we swam for an hour, me working on correcting my stroke as per my stroke analysis at the conference last weekend. I think it helped a lot- on the sprints, once I got the hang of it, I was definitely faster and my arms got less tired. So that was cool.
Then, we hit the showers and the gym. I was waiting for Dad to get done and he walks out in his great t-shir I got him for Christmas ("Some say heavy-set, I say Clydesdale") and his shorts and white tube socks rolled all the way up. No shoes.
"Dad, where are your shoes?"
"Forgot sneakers, but no one will notice."
I'm pretty sure you can't help but notice my 200+ lb. dad walk into a gym primarily filled with students. He walked in and they told him to get shoes, so he went back and put on his old leather moccasins, and they let him in. I love my Dad!
Seriously, he really is my best friend, and working out with him and spending time with him over break has been really great.
We did 30 min of elliptical, 30 of weights and 30 on the bike (on hill setting, so it was kind of tough)
In all, good workout.

I forgot about lunch until 3 pm, which speaks to me needing more set routines if I'm going to eat right. PB&J at Robbie's, crappy TV shows (Rock of Love is just so good!) and then pizza for dinner. I admit, while eating a ton of stuff like pizza and tacos and Chinese is fun, it'll be nice to get back to New Brunswick and have our nice little dinners together.

I really need to figure out a Spring schedule (over Winter break it's been pretty much gearing up by doing longer endurance stuff- very rough base building, I guess)- it's especially important because I'll be racing with Rutgers Cycling, and doing a marathon, and they occur at roughly the same time. So Master Swim may have to take a backseat, now that I'll be training hard for the other two disciplines. Also, my schedule puts me on the other campus with a pool often, so it's easier to swim there, even though it won't be with a group. Oh well, maybe in the fall. I need to figure out how to store my road bike at school- my house makes me nervous...

I also need to:
pack up my athletic gear and clothes for New Brunswick
try on the bag of jeans the boyfriend's mom got for me from a co-workers daughter
grocery shop for Robbie and I
make corn muffins
apple to the Rutgers grad study program of library science!

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