Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Training, Great Day

So Saturday it was really freaking cold out and flurry-ing so dad and I decided to check out this trail that's near our house instead of driving to our normal running spot so we could save time. What for the first mile seemed like a well maintained trail gave way to 5 miles of ridiculous tiny little trail through the woods with rocks and roots and everything- an off road adventure! We went about 11-12 miles, which wasn't bad, but all the trail running bothered my knee a bit. It felt good to do something a little different though- sometimes it gets a little monotonous, so checking out new trails was really fun! Dad was, of course, on his mountain bike, not running, and he got a hella good workout too...

I've been making hot chocolate from unsweetened almond milk, cocoa powder, vanilla extract and sugar, and it's such a great recovery drink- it really helps warm me up after running in the cold, and almond milk is great for protein!

Afterwards, I iced my knee, used the heating pad on it, and then got dressed and went to dinner with half of the "group" from high school, Linds and Rob. Margerita (or however you spell it) pizza is yummy! Rob lives out in Boulder, CO right now, so in May I may be visiting him for a few days for some serious altitude training, which would be just in time for the Revoution3 half-Ironman June 7. I'm really psyched about it- I haven't ever been to CO, so it'll be an adventure. And it's near my birthday, so hopefully plane tickets can be a present from someone!

I went to an awesome multisports conference today, but I'll talk about that tomorrow morning. For now, getting some sleep!

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