Thursday, January 22, 2009

My daddy took me to school today

Well, he didn't take me to school. But I did take him to the gym! I was pretty exhausted when I woke up this morning, but surprisingly not too sore. We went to breakfast- multigrain bagel with veggie cream cheese- and then biked to the gym. 15 min bike warm up, 30 min of weights, 30 min on the elliptical, then 45 in the pool for a recovery swim. Normally I'd hit the gym for a short session between classes in the afternoon and have a totally different morning- I should have been cycling but I need booties, and I was supposed to go running with my internship professor but she was busy.

On the up side, I'm sore in a lot of places that I haven't been sore in for a while/ever, so I think that weight set actually did a lot of good. I feel like a lot of areas I wanted to target actually managed to get a decent workout.

In total, I've biked outside for an hour today, and biking in N.B isn't exactly easy. Lots of hills, lots of traffic. Now, Robbie and I are between classes and I'm not at the gym, so I'm eating chocolate covered pretzels instead!

I have an appointment Tuesday to see the sports medicine doctor that Mark told me about, and hopefully he can help me- the marathon is only 2 months away, so I need to get better fast or all my training will have been for nothing. Or at least, my running training.

Starting Sunday, I'll be officially on the Cycling team, once I give Andy a check. Exciting!

Other than that, life is as usual. I can't wait for tomorrow to be over, or at least for it to be 6 so I can have my Friday recovery pizza dinner! This has been a really long week of classes, and Robbie and I are dreading having to go to our three hour one at 5:30. Hopefully it doesn't last that long and we get to go home. It's about public health and such, so hopefully we can hear about all kinds of gory plague type stuff, but I doubt that's the case... Environmental Sciences always sound cooler than they really are.

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