Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sore, impatient, tired, and psyched.

Feeling very mixed emotions right now, probably prompted by the fact that the last 8 hours of my life have been at the gym, and I was up at 7 after a crappy night's sleep and getting sick.

But oddly, I'm not in a bad mood!

Had a media and politics class today and I was afraid that we'd be focused on Obama and all that stuff for the whole semester... not that it isn't important, but I do a ton of that at work. Instead, we're focusing on New Jersey politics, which is neat because it's something I'm learning about from working for a union that supports state workers. So that should be interesting. And it's the same prof that I've had before, and I really like him, other than the fact that he talks very softly, which makes it easy to get tired during a three hour class that starts at 8 AM!

Then, biked Robbie to class and went back past my house to another campus to hit the gym. So, 45 min in all. Freaking cold!

Ran for 30 min at 6.6 mph, which is really slow for me, but my knee is still acting up. It didn't hurt too bad after that, so I spun on the stationary bike for 30 min to cool down, and then stretched. Mark from the cycling team was meeting me at 4 to lift with Pat, another team member, and then to talk about the blog for the team. It was really cool getting to know them and lifting with other people! We were at it for an hour, and I really felt it. Definitely interesting.

Mark and I chatted about training and periodization- I have a hard time adhering to that, especially in the lower volume parts! I love my 3 hrs of training a day, and the bike team stuff is top priority now, but I have to maintain everything else for triathlon, not to mention marathon. He also told me about a Rutgers sports medicine guy at the health center, Dr. Cohen, so I think I'm going to make an appointment with him to look at my knee. It's been 3 weeks and it still hurts, so I think it's time to get it checked out.

We talked about the blog, and I'm going to write about joining the team and training in a newbie's perpective, and once racing starts, I'll post stuff about that too. I can't believe it starts in early March! It seems so close...

Anyway, then he left, so I did another 30 minutes of spinning and ate my PB&J dinner. After relaxing for a while in the lobby, I hit the pool for an hour, swimming 3 sets of 15 min. strong improved stroke technique with sets of 5 min breaststroke in between. It was a good format and the hour zoomed by! Then, 20 min in the sauna to relax my muscles.

I was goingto stay to lift again with the team, but I got a little nervous when I saw a ton of them walk in- I was expecting a really small group, and I'm still learning how to deal with people. They didn't notice me sitting there (I was taking a break and debating if I should head home), so I took that as a sign and headed home, which I think was probably the smart thing to do, though I'm kind of mad at myself for not even saying hi. Like I said, sometimes my shyness gets the best of me. Oh well, there's a team meeting Sunday so I can meet everyone then.

Blake is getting me booties and legwarmers Sunday, so I'm skipping the team ride tomorrow morning since it's going to be freezing. Plus, dad wants to come to New Brunswick to hit the gym in the morning, and I can't say no to that! (And after today, I'm going to be exhausted tomorrow anyway!)

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