Friday, January 30, 2009

Pizza Day!

OK, I admit it: I had a Dunkin Donuts muffin for breakfast. And no, not the reduced fat variety. Full fat, full flavor blueberry. And you know what the bummer about that is? It didn't taste nearly as good as the oatmeal I make for Robbie and I a lot of mornings.

Anyway, today is my rest and recovery day, and it started with a serious stomachache. I've just had this persistent vague stomach pain lately, and it's driving me nuts. If it keeps up, I'll go to the doctor, I guess. The biggest problem is that lately, I haven't been feeling hungry- my stomach doesn't growl or anything. The only way I can tell I'm getting hungry is when my stomach starts hurting, and when it does that, I don't really want to eat!

I've been tired as anything this week, though I think it's less because of training and more because I'm adjusting to a new schedule. 8 am bike rides with the team are actually great- it's a good feeling to get that much of my workout done before anyone in the house is even up! It's also been great having Dad here on Thursdays to go to the gym- it really breaks up the week and makes the day go faster.

I ordered an amazing swimsuit from Splish today, I can't wait to get it! Pictures of it ASAP, and this weekend I'll get pictures of my new exciting bike gear! It feels like Christmas, the amount of new training stuff I'm getting. I'm still up in the air about the tri bike, and I know I have to decide soon.

In other news, as if I needed more to worry about, Robbie and my fish has been hiding out in his castle lately, and he barely comes out, even to eat! This is Doctor Zoidberg, our baby Beta, or as Robbie's brother refers to him, "our Love Fish."
While I'd still like a kitten eventually, the Good Doctor is the best we can do at the moment, given our funds and the fact that we like being at our parent's houses over the weekend, which means Zoidberg only gets fed once every couple of days- like Betas are supposed to.

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